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^Basically thats exactly what she does in todays show!

Oh, and I personally loved how Steffy of all people points out that Sami uses her kids (namely JOhnny) to control EJ.

I for one actually felt bad for her and when I read what AS said about Sami "punishing herself" as to why she tells EJ, well, that was different for the character. Usually anything that she did wrong, she thinks she was entitled to do it.

Well...watching today, I felt no sorrow for her. She's just the same entitled COLD HEARTED witch she's always. If the goal was to show that Sami wanted to be punish, then I saw none of that! All I saw was a selfish woman who ENJOYED lying to the father of her baby with his "DISGUSTING" family (her words...not mine!)

Yes....classic Sami!

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