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Jun 10 2009, 12:01 AM
Safe has had the fastest build up for any couple on the history of this show.. It's taken EJami 3 years..
Look how long it took lumi, too. I'm always a little bemused by the people who are confident that so and so will never be back together again,or that Person X will never be seen as redeemed by the Salemites. There is no "never" on soaps.

The spoilers sound pretty good. I'd hate to see Nicole stuck with Rafe, but better him than Brady. It does seem like bricole is on hold for awhile, and it's obvious to me that ejole isn't going to stay married, even if they do reconnect. Where's the angst in him saying "oh, your baby died, and you faked being pregnant, kidnapped Syd, and let me mourn a random teen's child? Wonderful. What's for dinner?" :drunk: They're already foreshadowing his reaction by having him say Nicole has never kept such a large secret. If Dena does drop the ball and let Nicole off the hook, she's crazy.

Hell yea, low blow.

Sami's daughter just died, and now EJ is suing for TOTAL custody because he is pissed at her? What about all that hot air about what a wonderful mother she is "best mother in the world"? This has nothing to do with Johnny's safety, but EJ's anger. Rafe isn't going to hurt Johnny. EJ knows this, and he knows that Sami wouldn't let anyone hurt Johnny.
I don't think he should do this, but Sami comes straight out and says the reason she didn't tell him she was pregnant in the first place was because of Nicole. As far as he knows, he lost a baby too, without the privilege of knowing her, because of Sami's jealousy. She praised him as being a great father, too at first. Tit for tat. She didn't have any compassion for him, and is getting the same in return.
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