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This week's SOW features an interview with Ari Zucker.

This week, EJ sues Sami for custody of Johnny because he is so upset with her that she hid the fact that he was Grace's father.

Ari Zucker explains that Nicole's guilt over having switched the babies is "almost to the point" where she wants to admit what she did, "but she knows she can't", because she'd probably have to go to jail.

First, EJ tells Nicole that he was Grace's father. Nicole tries to tell EJ that he shouldn't believe what Sami told him. Zucker says that Nicole "tries to react as she would if she didn't know the truth". Then, EJ convinces Nicole, and Nicole begins to act as though she believes him. Zucker says that Nicole does feel bad for EJ, because he is grieving the loss of a child. "A part of Nicole wants to tell him Grace wasn't his child, but she can't. So she tries to comfort EJ the best she can."

Stefano then reminds Nicole that she can never divulge that Sydney is Sami and EJ's baby. Zucker explains that Stefano tries to calm Nicole down, because their keeping quiet is the only way they can keep Sydney in the family, and it's also the only way they can keep "[Nicole's] marriage and the whole DiMera lifestyle".

After Stefano convinces Nicole to keep quiet, EJ tells Nicole that he's going to sue for custody of Johnny. Nicole finds out this piece of information right before they leave for Grace's funeral. EJ wants to tell Sami about this before the funeral, but Nicole makes him realize he should wait and let Sami grieve first.

However, once they get to the church, EJ goes ahead with his original plan and hands Sami the papers before the funeral begins. Zucker says that "Nicole is in the background. She knows he's doing it, but she can't stop him. It's his decision."

Zucker then describes Nicole's feelings, saying that Nicole "feels absolutely guilty and terrible about this". Sami has just lost Grace, and now EJ is trying to take another of her children. Zucker says that "what Sami is going through is exactly what will happen to Nicole, if not worse, if her secret about Sydney ever gets out." Zucker ends by saying that if anyone took Sydney away from Nicole, Nicole would be "devastated".

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