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This week's SOD features an interview with Shelley Hennig.

As the week begins, Philip asks Steph to lie to Bo and Hope about EJ's role in her kidnapping. She's not happy about it, but she does lie to them as he requests. After this, she goes to a doctor to discuss her problems, and the doctor prescribes medication for her. Hennig explains that "[Steph is] thinking that maybe the pills will help. When one isn't working, she takes another, and it takes her mind off of her problems for a little while."

Then, Steph visits with Max, because he's moving to London. Max warns her about Philip. Hennig says that Steph doesn't want to hear this from him, and because she's on the pills, it's easy for her to tune him out. However, Hennig says that when Max tells Steph to be careful, "it's a very sweet moment", because Steph and Max "will always be special to one another" though their romantic relationship did not work out.

After she says goodbye to Max, Steph goes home, and Philip is waiting for her. Henderson gives Philip a note, but they won't tell Steph what it says. She grabs the note and sees it discusses a present for her: a new car as a gift in honor of her college graduation. Hennig does not describe Steph's reaction except to say that Steph is "paranoid" because she's on the pills.

Then, at Grace's funeral, Steph is prepared to confront EJ. Hennig explains that Steph is torn over whether to "make a scene", but she continues that Steph decides she should talk to EJ, and "she explodes on EJ" at the funeral. "She slaps the hell out of him and it feels really good." Hennig adds that "it's a real slap, by the way. James doesn't like the fake ones."

The article ends by saying that after this, Steph has another panic attack. Hennig says that Steph is "spinning out of control".

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