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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: EJ Sues Sami for Custody of Johnny

Jun 10 2009, 10:34 AM
This sounds good. EJ is such an asshole. Maybe if he wasn't such a psycho prick, Sami and Nicole wouldn't have to lie all the time. Oh, and maybe they interviewed Ari because the story is all about the consequences of Nicole's actions, and not "all about Ejami". Thanks for posting!
You took the post right off my fingertips :smile: Ari was interviewed because the storyline is now about Nicole, Ejole and her secret. This week we hear in the daily episodes what EJ thinks about the whole thing with Sami there isn't really a need for further comment from him in an article [the day ahead today sums up what he's going to do]. For Sami she is no longer 'hiding' anything because she has come clean to EJ about what she did. Her next focus will be trying to get Johnny back and poking around in Rafe's past etc...

I don't think that EJ taking Johnny isn't the big story the story [been there done that] it is about how this action from him impacts on Nicole and her secret. I think that the lead story is going to be Nicole, Stephano, Mia, Brady and Dr Baker when he returns. They are the only ones who know that Nicole didn't give birth to Sydney [Brady and Mia know part of the story they think Sydney is Mia's baby] and Nicole, Stephano and Dr Baker know the whole ''truth' or 'lie' depends on how you look at it.

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