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Nicole Dimera
Jun 10 2009, 12:24 AM
^ I disagree. I think the majority of Safe fans are actually Ali fans who root for Sami no matter what. I think GG got lucky to be attached to a popular character like SAmi the way he did. I would like to see him interact with more people.

I also don't see Nicole and Rafe. Rafe was brought on specifically for Sami and I don't see Rafe friendly with Nicole after she's exposed. Before I would have loved to see Ari and Galen's character paired together because I thought they would have great chemistry romantically.
I agree completely.

In a way, GG is kind of like the Drake Hogestyn in all this (especially in terms of acting at times LOL). Drake would've been nothing if not paired with Deidre Hall. She helped bring his popularity to a new level and keep it there. Not saying Drake didn't help his own popularity but Dee made him more then a star. She brought him to superstar status.

I think Ali is starting to do the same for Galen. Galen was popular before but it was limited and now she has slowly helped him expand his fanbase over time. Now even his harshest critics in the media are opening in their eyes and enjoying what they see between the two of them and him individually.

I also don't understand this notion that they are tanking ratings. How is that possible? The ratings for Days have been solid the whole time their story has progressed. If people are citing the ratings tumble Days took it May, that makes no sense because there was alot more going on then Sami and Rafe. Hell, I believe that second week in May they weren't even on. I just find it funny how a few years ago when EJ/Sami were heavy in story and the ratings tumbled, many used the argument that the blame was not all on EJ/Sami and now here some are blaming Sami and Rafe exclusively for the ratings trending downward last month. Holy double standards, Batman! :laugh: . By the way, the ratings went back up for the week of Memorial Day and Safe was on that week quite a bit so how do you explain that? :laugh:
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