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Jun 10 2009, 11:40 AM
Jun 10 2009, 11:27 AM

In a way, GG is kind of like the Drake Hogestyn in all this (especially in terms of acting at times LOL). Drake would've been nothing if not paired with Deidre Hall. She helped bring his popularity to a new level and keep it there. Not saying Drake didn't help his own popularity but Dee made him more then a star. She brought him to superstar status.

I think Ali is starting to do the same for Galen. Galen was popular before but it was limited and now she has slowly helped him expand his fanbase over time. Now even his harshest critics in the media are opening in their eyes and enjoying what they see between the two of them and him individually.

Really? I'm curious as to what you base that on. Have I missed some articles or shout outs? I know there was a mention in SOD (I think) a while back praising the pairing, but I don't recall that it specifically mentioned GG or his performance, in particular. I do think there are fans that enjoy Rafe and his pairing with Sami - but I don't for a minute agree that he's getting accolades simply because he's been paired with Ali Sweeney. I absolutely adore Ali, but I just don't see where she's in the same league or has the status that Dee Hall had when Drake came on board.

As for the ratings argument - I'll use the same reply I give every time it comes up. The reason ratings rise and fall is subjective - and we can all argue until we're blue in the face about why they do. Unless there is a week of episodes that feature only one story and no other performers (outside that story) are on screen, it's anyone's guess which stories are having the impact, be it positive or negative. And even in that scenario, people could argue about their motives to watch. For example, in the upcoming funeral scenes I would bet you there will be a faction of fans that will be watching for Safe; there will be EJole fans watching for them; the EJami fans will certainly be watching; and even the Lumis - who will watch if for no other reason than to watch EJ get the crap smacked out of him by Stephanie. :lol: So who in that mix gets credit or blame for however the ratings turn out for that week?
I agree about your ratings comments.

As for Galen, Carolyn Hinsey (who I don't like) praised him. Nelson has praised him in his TV Guide Canada column. As you noted, I've seen magazine articles praising him. I'm not saying the guy is getting an Emmy push but it's clear he's struck a chord with many fans and that Sami and Rafe are popular and continue to grow in popularity.

I'm not trying to get involved in a fanbase war. I don't have a stake on either side. I'm all for whatever works best for the story and the stories. I'm just pointing out what I've seen.
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