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Jun 10 2009, 11:33 AM
Jun 10 2009, 11:31 AM
Taylor is smart, she knows the best way to secure her job is support Will and Mia as much as possible. Will as Sami´s son is an important character so as long as Mia is his GF she is fine. Nobody would care about her romance with Chad.
I get that. I know she is just selling the story but it's way too early to throw out the label LOL. They haven't even kissed yet. She should've just said they are becoming a big now as a couple or that they have potential to be the next supercouple. The fact she is already declaring them that is a bit...premature LOL. She should at least wait until after the first kiss :laugh: .
Oh, Ia gree. But I don´t think she knows how passionate some fans are about the world and it´s meaning. She probably heard it elsewhere, or someone told her at the fan event and she used it. Taylor is what? 16? And Mia 15? I doubt she and Will be together forever. :D

Anyway, I think it was really smart decision to keep Mia and not creating some cliché soap teen as a girlfriend for Will. It gives them something to play about beside the usual teen stories about drugs and hormons and it connect their story with the rest of the canvas.

I also hope Mia and Melanie will become friends now when they will live together. I think Mia and Mel would have great sister chemistry together and they would be a lot of fun, especially because they are so different.
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