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Jun 10 2009, 12:05 PM
I'm happy for Chad's arrival. I hope the actor is decent.

SOW asks Spreitler how Chad's arrival will relate to Will and Mia's relationship. Spreitler answers that the audience is rooting for Will and Mia, because "they think Will and Mia are a supercouple and adorable together".

Supercouple? Really, Taylor? Don't you think you're getting a little too ahead of yourself?

I, for one, don't see any chemistry or potential in Will and Mia as a couple. I'm growing to like both actors and both characters, but together, they do nothing for me. I think Dylan Patton has better chemistry with the actress playing Kinsey, who I really hope they turn into the Jan Spears of this new generation. I think she has more potential than Mia.
I was JUST thinking as I read this article that Kinsey is the new Jan. Mia's not really the Belle per say, but almost like a cross between Chloe and Belle....though whats nice about Mia is she's her own unique character and you can't say she's really anyone. But Will is obviously the new Shawn, Kinsey the new Jan....we'll just have to see how Chad turns out, but I'm excited...I really do enjoy Will/Mia.

However, I also agree with what you and everyone else is saying about the supercouple reference...Will and Mia are more just "young love" right now....DEFINITELY not a supercouple.

And hell, with Days, you never know if they'll even end up a supercouple or not. Mia could ride off in two years(if Days is still around) to London, Will could go with her or they'd go on some cruise, Kinsey could be in a coma, and Chad could just be dead....I see alot of potential and future for Will/Mia, but Days seem to go through its new generation like wild fire these days.
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