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Jun 10 2009, 09:34 AM
Grief does awful things to people - and everyone handles it differently.

I have seen the clips for today's show and I agree that Sami was cruel and hateful...but I totally saw it as a grieving mother lashing out - and who better to have hate your guts than the person who has always put you on a pedestal. In her 'compromised' state of mind (as Ali called it in the SOD article) she is raging at her loss and looking for a target. EJ was an easy one in the moment. She has already been blaming herself for what happened to Grace, saying if she hadn't been so busy lying and scheming she would have noticed sooner that Grace was in trouble, or something along that line. She HAS suffered a brutal blow and in her grief, she's making sure that she rains as much misery down upon herself, and in her path, EJ, as she can possibly find.

As for EJ suing for custody - I see it as very much the same thing. He's now grieving the loss of a child he was denied from knowing. And worse, knows full well that Sami was willing to allow another man to claim and raise his daughter. I can't imagine how shattering that must feel - particularly since EJ has always prided himself on being a good father - to both Johnny and Allie. So he's reacting from his pain, anger and grief as well - and I totally get that. Neither one of them have thought through what this will do to Johnny because neither one of them are thinking clearly. They still have several more stages of grief to work through before cooler heads will prevail - but I do think that at their base they are both good enough parents to realize how harmful this can be for Johnny.

So at the moment, I think they are both going to be total jackasses, but they are getting a pass from me for the time being as their pain is still so raw.

As for the future of EJami - I have always felt this is their story. And I see this as the turning point...finally. I agree they've been painting EJ as the burgeoning villian for the past several months - but look what that has gotten him. As James mentioned in the SOD article, while he can't quite admit it to himself yet, EJ knows that Sami had valid reasons for what she did. I beleive once the fire dies down and the dust starts to settle we'll see an EJ who begins to question the choices he's been making. He's already mentioned it a time or two before all this - telling Nicole he stays awake at night worrying about the DiMera way of life. I believe this story will be the catalyst to finally force EJ to breaks ties with Stefano and become the man he needs to be to raise his children with Samantha in a happy, safe environment. Once he discovers that Nicole and Stefano conspired to deceive him regarding the circumstances of Nicole's miscarriage and Sydney's biology he will turn his back on the DiMera way of life once and for all - and I hope pursue a relationship with the true love of his life, Samantha.
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