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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Jun 10 2009, 01:55 PM
Well thats just the thing, after all that EJ has done, no, I cannot sympathize with him at all. I cannot see him as a victim, or that anything done to him is unjust because I just think that he deserves everything that is coming to him and more. Yes, I was really enjoying him with Nicole for a while there, but clearly the writers have decided to go back to making him evil and the main villain of the show, and that is fine by me, too. I feel sorry for Nicole, and I feel sorry for Sami, but I will never feel sorry for EJ.

Its funny, too, because I keep seeing posts about how Nicole will never be redeemed, and that what she has done is completely unforgivable .... yet those of us who will never forgive EJ for what he has done (1000x more than Nicole) are beating a dead horse for not getting over it and whatever .. I mean, come on. Ejamis are NEVER going to get over Nicole stealing Sydney, either. I wonder how long she will be referred to as the thief or the psycho, or nasty comments made about her mole. Maybe if she gets paired with Brady, she will suddenly have new fans, but the second she glances in EJ's direction again ... all heck will break loose. I mean really, let's just be real, shall we? No one's bias is any worse than anyone else's.
I agree with you on this. I realize there are people that hate characters and no matter what type of redemption is written, it won't change. And to be honest, I find it refreshing when people are just as upfront about it as you are - you hate EJ, that ain't gonna change. Period.

For me, I don't think there is any character that I just flat out hate that much (yet). I don't like certain aspects of characters, and my couple bias will certainly affect whether I like certain characters during certain times in the story writing. I was a Nicole fan prior to sexavator...and I look forward to be a fan of hers again. I will never, ever, ever want her anywhere near EJ or Sydney once the truth comes out but they can put her just about anywhere else on the canvas and I'll be good with that. I went through a period where I despised Lucas (and I'll bet you can guess when that might have been ;) ) but I don't mind him now, for the most part. I really wish they'd do more with him and get him out of that awful Luloe mess...as long as they don't try to pair him with Sami again. :lol: I don't have enough interest in Rafe to say whether I will like him once he's out of Sami's orbit, but it could happen. I don't even really hate him right now. He's just sort of taking up space on the screen for me. :shrug:
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