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IMO, like I expected, Ali did an okay job while Galen did a poor job. Where were the fucking tears? My God, a BABY just died and I'm not seeing shit coming down... wtf?! Tomlin is such an asshole. I'm sure he told them to fake cry so they can get Emmy nods. lol As for Ali, I was expecting sooooooooo much more from her. Like I said, your baby just DIED. SHE'S DEAD, Alison, she's not coming back. Where were the shock, the body shaking, the heart breaking tears? Now when they were in the apt., Alison did a WONDERFUL job when she was by herself. She really sold that scene to me. It was when Rafe went to get the kid from EJ. Overall, out of 10, Galen gets a 4 from me and Alison gets a 7. Ari was on fire. I'll give her a 6 but I should be giving her a 7 too.

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