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Jun 10 2009, 04:09 PM
Jun 10 2009, 03:53 PM
it great she let us in on behind the scenes stuff

she also added this to her fb

Alison Sweeney
i was so exhausted after filming these scenes. I was shooting the BL Finale at the same time, so it was a pretty intense, busy time for me, and i didn't get to see all the other scenes. I came home tonight from BL at 10:15pm, & had to watch today's ep. it was so amazing to see the whole show. Ari was fantastic. Taylor (mia) and Dylan (will) were wonderful. & Galen truly blew me away. Broke my heart.
Thanks. This confirms what I thought. The scenes outside the ICU room were taped different day when Ali wasnīt available and thatīs why we never saw her come out and have scene with Lucas, Mia, or anyone outside.
And that just pisses me off. They put her in a huge story like this knowing she won't be available...I'm tired of this show revolving around her. I'm still angry about them editing her in to Grandpa Shawn's wake last year. This whole stupid story started because she got pregnant. I kept saying there was something off, and besides the lack of family, there was! She wasn't even there! That's why those scenes seemed so odd! Gah!
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