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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jun 10 2009, 12:43 PM
Jun 10 2009, 11:00 AM
totally agree. As much as I like Ari Zucker and think her performance as Nicole is outstanding - I am having a hard time maintaining any real sympathy for the character.

[Nicole is genuinely grieving and feels guilty cause of the things she's done - I am a Nicole fan, yes, but she has to face the consequences. EJ and Sami have rights to be angry at her etc.
But lets not forget that there's Sami. The woman who also lied and kept things from EJ. She would've not told EJ the truth, if Grace would still be alive, so that's about the honesty. Back to my point, how can you not feel any sympathy for Nicole, if you feel it for Sami? Sami also did horrible things, but it seems, imo, that you talk about them, well you don't even mention them, it's like no big deal! When Sami does something, people just overlook it, but when Nicole ''the bad girl'' does something, it's huuge!! '
And really, when Sami told EJ the truth, she blamed it all on Nicole! Typical Sami! Nothing's ever her fault! Nicole took Sydney, BUT not telling EJ the truth, that was Sami's OWN decision. No one else's!

Both of them did wrong. Period.
Well here's why I can feel some sympathy for Sami and not Nicole whatsoever right now. Sami is actually suffering for her decision to keep the truth from EJ, while Nicole is on the top of the world because of her lies.

I was as hard as anyone on this board on Sami for keeping EJ's kid from him and going along with Rafe's adoption idea, but now that the cat is out of the bag Sami is having to face the consequences of her lying and she is now rootable again for me.

Maybe Nicole can be rootable (and sympathetic) again for me when I get to see Mia slap her across the face, or I get to see EJ throw her ass out of the DiMansion, or I get to see Sami taunt Nicole while she's stuck behind bars. Not til then though... her sobbing over the sad situation she herself has created and that the perfect fantasy she laid out when she decided to play God with these babies didn't turn out as perfect as she hoped are just crocodile tears of self-pity as far as I'm concerned.

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