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Jun 10 2009, 10:13 PM
And I thought that some wrestling fans were getting way too much involved sometimes with the product on TV. I guess that same could be said for soap fans, eh?

Seriously, I can totally understand that each has his favorite actors/actresses and that's OK because everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But wishing the death of a character just because you don't like the actress? Can't you just wish for a recast instead? LOL

No harm feelings here, just a simple constatation on my part.
Yeah, like wishing ill to HHH or Cena?
soap and wrestling fans are quite similar although wrestling fans are worse, IMO, lol.

Wrestling aside. I don't mind SH. I just don't like Stephanie. The character doesn't have layers and would have benefitted greatly of her parents being around. Now, Steph has no parents, no ex, no best friend. Just a new boyfriend and a bunch of relatives that she never really interacted with.
It's a disservice to the character.
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