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Jun 10 2009, 11:24 PM
I was as hard as anyone on this board on Sami for keeping EJ's kid from him and going along with Rafe's adoption idea, but now that the cat is out of the bag Sami is having to face the consequences of her lying and she is now rootable again for me.

my problem with that is that sami really won't have to face the consequences of her lying. we all know ej isn't going to end up taking johnny, in fact, last i heard, he was going to magically realize that all the awful things sami said about him were true, and that she had the right to keep grace from him. then of course, we also all know sami will eventually get sydey back. she's the supposed heroine in this story, not nicole. we all know nicole will be thrown out of the mansion and we all know ej and sami will have a field day with her. nothing bad is going to happen to sami at the end of this storyline. nicole is a different story. that's why it's much easier for me to sympathize with nicole...well, that, and the fact that i'm fairly certain smirking and glaring won't be a part of nicole's emotions when she finally is confronted with the truth. that being said, while i do sympathize with nicole over sami, i do find them both to be sorry pieces of crap in general....i just usually root for those kind of characters.
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