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Jun 11 2009, 04:19 PM
Jun 11 2009, 01:55 AM
Hahaha, yeah, you have no idea how many times a day I read stuff about fan hate about Triple H and John Cena and I won't disagree with you on which between wrestling fans and soap fans are worse because we could beat a dead horse endlessly.

But, to set a perhaps sloppy parallel between the writing of both shows, I wrote for a local wrestling promotion in my area for around 2 years and to be honest, it is extremely difficult to write something good for everyone because you tend to focus on your main characters. In soaps, those are the lead actors/actresses and in wrestling, those are what we call "main eventers", those who draw the most. That's because we know that these are the ones that attract the fans to shows and we know that they're talented enough to make a storyline (or angle as we say in wrestling lingo) work. I was trying hard to find stories for our other characters but some of them were less talented and their character were often generic and bland. In our case, it is usually the wrestlers themselves who come up with their character and they pitch ideas that we try to blend in with our own ideas. Sometimes, it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I don't know in the case of Shelley Hennig what's exactly wrong with her character as I don't find Shelley herself to be that bad of an actress, although I'll grant you that her scenes in the morgue drawer were less than stellar (I honestly wished that she would've been gagged the whole time LOL). But it is clear to me, like everyone says on the board, that her character obviously lacks some depth and it's mainly because of everyone around her that she was interacting with is leaving or left the show. So, now, instead of covering their bases and build strong relationships, writers are now grasping at straws and taking the easy route, making Stephanie's character addicted to anti-anxiety medication, while they're probably figuring out what they'll do next with her.

Basically, in my book, I wouldn't place the blame on Shelley Hennig herself for the character as she's playing the hands that she's being dealt. For me, it's clearly a basic Writing 101 case of writers being clueless about how to make soap fans care about Stephanie Johnson.

That was my 2 cents. :)
I totally agree. I personally don't blame Shelley. She's not bad. Sure, some of the stuff could have been better if portrayed by a stronger actress but all in all she's ok.

It's just they never really developped her character. Stephanie, especially when she returned from Dayton, has always been about a guy: Jeremy, Max, Philip.
She has never really been single. Her only storyline that was more about her was the rape.
Also, she is always written as a one note character who is needy, dependant and nags her boyfriends. It's annoying .
It didn't help that I never saw any chemistry in any of her pairings.

I'm sure the writers are struggling with her character . With her having no parents ( I must say that she did have chemistry with them though) and the two people that she had the most stories with gone ( Chelsea and Max), they virtually are starting from scratch.I think she's one of the characters that hurts the most by the recent firings and departures.
:shrug: :shame: IATACIA or I am totally and completely in agreement. Mr. Corday forgot how to please fans and build unforgettable characters....Stephanie ain't one
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