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Jun 12 2009, 01:25 AM
Ew. I can't see Kimsey with Dattilo at all. No to that.

I understand that everyone thinks Brady and Nicole should wind up together, but I don't know if the show is going that way. Why bring Brady into Arianna's orbit? And I have a feeling that DAYS is setting up something by having Nicole and Rafe in so many scenes together.

I have to agree though about Brady and Arianna. I see nothing there.

But Brady with Martsolf? Perfect! I just see fireworks with those two, just in my head.

I'm hoping for a Brady and Meredith hook up.

Unforunately, Meredith will probably be just another lame Higley character that airs in July, does something crazy or stupid and leaves by the end of August.
I think they are still in a testing stage with Brady/Arianna. They got screwed up when Darin left because the plan was to go with Max/Arianna.

I doubt they will go anywhere long-term with Nicole/Rafe. I just think they see Sami and Rafe as a long-term couple they can build around. We'll see.

I do think she will be a short-term character but who knows. If she takes off and makes an impact, they may keep her. They kept Mia, afterall. I don't think it has anything to do with Higley though. Writers are always bringing characters in to serve a purpose. Hogan did it alot too and JER liked his little short-term characters too. I just would like this to turn into more because Kimsey can act and the show could use more women.
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