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Jun 12 2009, 01:18 PM
Jun 12 2009, 12:50 PM
Jun 11 2009, 09:36 PM
well if sydney ended up dying as the baby sami thinks of as hers did, then i would say nicole got punished. saying nothing has happened or will happen bad to sami is kind of wtf??? if your baby died would you say nothing bad ever happened to you?

i guess what i meant by saying that nothing bad will happen to her is that sami isn't going to have to face any direct consequences from her actions. yes, grace dying is horrible, but that isn't a punishment, because her dying isn't a consequence of anything sami did. i'd rather see sami lose custody of johnny for example(which we all know she won't), or eventually lose rights to sydney(which she also won't). in other words, i want to see some kind of consequence for her that directly relates to the fact that she lied about ej's daughter. grace dying doesn't count as far as i am concerned because it was just a random tragedy. her dying has nothing to do with sami's lie and sami knows it, so she won't learn anything from this experience. i just really want the fact that she has been dishonest about every single pregnancy she has ever had to finally catch up to her for once. ej claiming he'll hate her for the rest of his life just isn't good enough. suing for custody is a great start, but again, i don't think it's really going to go anywhere.
I understand what you are saying. However, I think for me the fact that Sami has been robbed of her biological daughter, and will continue to be for goodness knows how long, is a form of punishment. And it is a result of her actions in that if she had been honest about her pregnancy from the beginning it is highly unlikely Nicole would have had the opportunity to switch the babies. Had EJ known Sami was pregnant from the start (or...well, at least immediately after Sami knew :lol: ) things would have most certainly played out differently. I don't believe EJ would have just sat back while Sami went off to WP - he would have insisted on being there when the EJamlet was born. Nicole could certainly have still faked her pregnancy after the miscarriage, etc. - but I don't think she would have wound up with Sami and EJ's baby. So I suppose I see that as a pretty high price that Sami is paying. :shrug:
that's a good point. hopefully after she intially tears nicole a new one, she'll come to the conclusion that this happened partly because of her own lies. i'd be ok with that.
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