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correct me if i am wrong but Sami doesnt have full custody of either of the twins...johnny lives with EJ and Nicole, something Sami has never liked after they had the custody battle after the divorce, and Ali lives in the cabin with Lucas and Chloe, another thing Sami never liked but had to deal with. Will has lived with just about every family member he has, but never really with Sami or Lucas.

Nicole i believe will crack and be either talking to herself, holding Sydney, and be overheard by someone other then Stefano, or she will be found out by Rafe, based on her unusual guilty actions and feelings over a baby she " supposedly" has no connection to, and the child of someone she dispises with a passion, whether or not she tries for redemption by helping Sami keep Johnny, the entire baby switch and when it comes out should be great for fans and ratings...

recapping the switch...ej out of town when she lost their real child, brady, EJ's favorite person was the one she called for comfort not anyone inside mansion dimira...
she padded herself up in the search for a child finds out dr baker can get her a baby...
she finalizes things with her baby's mother...
chloe tells her sami is pregnant with ejs baby...nicole plots to have sami go to dr bakers clinic where she can make the switch...
nicole finalizes things delivering grace...
and instantly switches babies...remember those sweet tears welcoming her baby into the world ...she gets to dr bakers clinic and wham "oh your here..but im going to exchange you for this one because well..you arent really a dimira are you kid"
she gets brady to cover the fake baby thing and to hide mia's connection to " sydney"
she had dr baker who knew everything and could have helped grace i believe swear to secrecy about the switch then ha him go out of town..

its not like nicole who deserves to be caught and hung didnt just pick a kid form thin air...she switched the child, who is related to both bo and roman...salems top cops..with the one she had begged borrowed stole and cried and lied to get hold of.

EJ might hate sami now but when he finds out who sydney really is...he will hate nicole because i believe when that comes out he cant ease out of not knowing, even if he had no clue..he is a dimira...and that is exactly how they operate, making nicole a perfect dimira lol

sadly i think both ej and brady will go down with nicole for the baby switch even though ej had no clue, it was his money and brady's that helped pay this off

either way this storyline is going to be hot! :P
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