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Jun 12 2009, 08:53 PM
Believe me, I get why she didn't want to tell him. I completely understood the why. But when he came to see her at the Horton cabin (after the Mayor was shot), he was practically begging her to be open with him as he was freaked out about Nicole's pregnancy and instead of telling him the truth, she told him that he should take Nicole's pregnancy as a sign that "they" should be together. What a hypocrite she is. Was it not a sign that maybe she and EJ should be together instead? Of course it was.

EJ had not chosen the dark side then. He was still under her spell and would have died happy had she told him the truth instead of running away to WP to hide. Did she not think that had she told EJ, he would have taken her far away to protect her himself? Please. He would have. She made a very selfish choice not to tell him and to push him away.

Which brings me to why she did tell him. She didn't give him one chance to be with his kid while she was still alive, so why did she even bother telling him after Grace died? Why? To taunt him and say it was really his fault because of his family? Then why did she grab and kiss him numerous times, dream of him and then sleep with him if he and his family were so bad? She made a choice to do things with him. She didn't use protection, she knows what can happen when don't. (Good Lord, EJ had already proven he has super sperm if he could impregnante her the same time Lucas did)

He ONLY turned dark again AFTER she left to go into WP. She has no one to blame but herself.

I love Sami and EJ and am an EJAMI fan, but think this was her lowest of lows for me.

On a brighter note, I do think that the writers have given EJ a chance to hate Sami, just as they gave her a chance to hate him after that cold December night. I do believe this will eventually put them on equal ground (they have both done somthing horrible to the other) and that they can overcome this and eventually find their way back to one another. Or at least I hope so.
I don't see this as putting them on even ground at all. Sami has a lot more catching up to do lol. The coerced sex was just one of many things that EJ has done to Sami. Destroying her marriage, putting the lives of her children in danger, framing her for his fake murder, terrifying her with his "ghost", trying to kill Lucas, shooting her father in law and leaving him for dead, etc, etc, etc. Remember that EJ did all of things to Sami and her family for no other reason than he wanted to. Some of those things were being directed by his father true, but you never saw him disagree with any of the heinous actions, and in fact he took joy in Sami's pain, and at one point was gloating over the fact that John's shooting would put Sami unwillingly into a relationship with him.

EJ has done way too many disgusting things to Sami and her family for them to ever be romantically involved. Not in a realistic manner anyway.

As for what Sami did with EJ sexually after he forced her to sleep with him... I put the blame solely on the writer's for trying to appease a certain fan base, as none of it made any sense. No woman in their right mind would sleep willingly with a man who had put her and her family through hell and tried to kill them one by one, for over two years. The writer's turned Sami into a complete idiot. JMHO
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