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Jun 12 2009, 03:48 PM
Can anyone on Ej's side honestly say that if you went to tell the man you were pregnant with his child and witnessed the mayor being shot and the next time you were going to tell him you found out that someone his family was at "war" with had been shot..you would still tell him? I like Sami would probably re-think telling him. Maybe even not tell him at all. If you all have been watching the show long enough then you know the hell Stefano has put her family through. Nothing has changed except they're keeping all of their wrong doings on the DL. Sami has done a lot of bad things in her past but I feel she had good reason for doing what she did this time. Don't get me wrong...James Scott is one hottie!!
ITA :rockon: ~memo to E.J.~ You are fully aware of the fact that it was your father who ordered the hit on the Mayor, as you revealed in a heated discussion with Lexie; trying to put the blame on her. Therefore, you are also aware that Sammi went into the witness protection program because she was a witness to this crime. So now you must realize that your father was trying to kill a pregnant Sammi while you were running out for ice cream for Nicole. You did nothing to protect her, as a mater of fact the only call you made to her during her captivity was to tell her that you had completely abandoned her. Stephano just confirmed the other day that he brought E.J. to town to make Sammi fall in love with him and then crush her. SO congrats. You have succeeded.

Me thinks E.J. is mad at the wrong persons, he should hate himself and his father for what they have done. the worst part of the storyline is blaming the mother for the baby contracting her fatal disease. How does this misinformation make people feel who have lost children to this disease. This is as pathetic as it was to watch E.J. beat back his greasy hair fifty times in the last two episodes. Why is it that when we watch this show we have to check our brains at the door? Nicole is now redeemed because she has empathy for Sammi. by the time the baby switch is revealed they will be bffs! The reason that Sammi has no support is because all the Bradys have been fired or let go. He dumb-ass father just dropped the ball on the investigation as to who was behind the murder of the FBI agent, the stabbing of Rafe, and the attempted murder of Sammi. But Nick gets life in an insane asylum. go figure. :soapbox:
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