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Jun 12 2009, 03:48 PM
Can anyone on Ej's side honestly say that if you went to tell the man you were pregnant with his child and witnessed the mayor being shot and the next time you were going to tell him you found out that someone his family was at "war" with had been shot..you would still tell him? I like Sami would probably re-think telling him. Maybe even not tell him at all. If you all have been watching the show long enough then you know the hell Stefano has put her family through. Nothing has changed except they're keeping all of their wrong doings on the DL. Sami has done a lot of bad things in her past but I feel she had good reason for doing what she did this time. Don't get me wrong...James Scott is one hottie!!
If she is so terrified of EJ and his family then why was she ok with leaving Johnny there with them for MONTHS? It is ok for one child, but not the other? It doesn't make sense.
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