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^missaremid, i thought you had said at one point you were not watching..(involved with election)..soo here is why sami was afraid..after the lockdown at the hospital, her and ej returned home to the mansion and there were stefano droppings all over the place.

please do not try and say sami has no reasons to fear stefano, for it is hardwired in her family history from the time that he tried to kill her parents while her and eric were still in utero.

then there was the twins pregnancy and the whole steal the cord blood thing going on..sami has plenty of reasons to fear stefano, that is why her one condition to ej was not to let stefano be with johnny..and what happens? ej lets stefano babysit and sami finds him with stefano in the cemetery visiting some of stef's "oldest and dearest"...stefano even countenanced his own son being murdered by andre so he could have liver cells..never suppose that stefano is really some gentle ole' grandpa..he is evil to the core and willing to use his family for his own ends. sami knows this, ej used to, but somehow in the dumbing down of ej it was collectively passed on to a lot of the audience as well. history not remembered is history repeated as the saying goes..

back to topic..it may make sami look ridiculous until you examine all that happened..stefano plants a phoenix rattle in her bag to unnerve her, she then has a dream that johnny becomes a soldier pawn that executes a man in the dimera living room..her fear is real.

now why not take johnny? i think she is going to do exactly that when ej gets exposed..but a long time ago after sami was so furious over the sevevator she said she was taking the twins and leaving the mansion since stefano was there. ej produced a bought and paid for restraining order..so if she wanted to leave she had to leave johnny. that is why sami is not able to get johnny, and now apparently they have worked out a custody sharing that ej even flaunts and ignores when it suits his purposes. rafe said she should have called the police, and i agree. but i also think she worried about how ej would react on rafe, after all, this is now a mafia prince who uses goons and money to buy his way out of things.

if ej was lucas, and the resources equaled, sami would not have agreed to let johnny stay at the mansion.
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