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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Yes, I have said I was not watching part of last fall while being involved in the election. I have caught up on some things via YouTube from that time, but that part of the show doesn't have that much to do with what I am talking about now.

I never ever said Sami has no reason to be afraid of Stefano, but that they have made the point REPEATEDLY to say oh despite EJ being a mafia prince loyal to Stefano he's a good dad is part of what made this so dumb... that Sami went to the trouble of hiding her pregnancy in WPP and keeping it a secret post-birth and even conspired to let another man adopt the second child she had with EJ yet at the same time she didn't even lift a finger to try and get Johnny under her roof permanently besides that one moment post-sexevator and has always told EJ he was a good father EVEN AFTER the stuff you mentioned with Stefano happened. And speaking of the sexevator... her going for custody then was kind of silly because her wanting custody of Johnny had NOTHING to do with her kid's safety then but had to do with her jealousy over EJ being with Nicole and wanting to punish him for being with her the same way so many of her lines during the Grace reveal scene seemed rooted in her jealousy and angry over EJ being with Nicole and wanting to punish him for it.

As for what she is doing going forward to try and get back at EJ and fight him for custody of Johnny, even though I haven't been all that sympathetic to Sami of late I am absolutely looking forward to it because it will just be great seeing Sami being resourceful and willing to get her hands dirty playing to win rather than relying on some man to rescue her, the weepy damsel in distress she's been the last few years.

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