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Jun 3 2009, 05:50 PM
Why is EJ planning revenge? I thought he understood that he wasn't daddy of the year and understood why Sami did what she did?
Is this like how he was worried about Stefanie then didn't care if she lived or died?

Thanks so much for the spoils! I was trying to stay away but I can't help it when it comes to these kinds of stories.

Total crap about Kate still planning revenge? Worst story right now!!!!
EJ loved, and still loves Sami even when Nicole found out she was pregnant. When Sami found out about her own pregnancy, she was around EJ so many times and never told him. EJ thought he had given Sami and the kids love and was in denial about Sami's underlying hatred of all things Dimera.

He will plot revenge against Sami by takeing the one thing he knows will hurt her the most, because she would not let him have the courtesy of even knowing and seeing his daughter alive and waiting to tell him after the baby died. To EJ (and Dimera history) that is just unacceptable and will not be done without severe consequences (also in the long Dimera history).

EJ cannot forgive Sami for the lie and hidden truth. Rafe may get fallout from it all, but it seemed EJ was beginning to focus the whole wrath on Sami and EJ was really rough with her in the mortuary office anyway, abusive assault actually.

So he goes for temporary full custody and might include Rafe somehow, but EJ is looking to hurt Sami as she hurt him.

This is all in my own humble opinion, of course.

Oh, EJ is finally showing his full inherited Dimeraness and that in the longrun when pushed to the edge, he learned how to be cruel and heartless just like dear ol' daddy Stefano. When he let loose on Sami and Rafe in that office, any proper Englishman that he was when he came to Salem was dead and gone in a heartbeat.

Stephanie lost any Dimera sympathy or goodwill when she aligned herself with Phillip and Victor. She was fair game just as Victor illustrated when he quietly threatened Sydney.

Kate wants revenge because when she changed her mind and wanted back with Daniel, he had his sights on Chloe. Kate doesn't like being hurt that way. That was strike 1 against Daniel and the beginning of strike 1 on Chloe.

Kate had promised to back off of her over-protective mom routine a little giving Chloe another chance sort of, but Daniel wouldn't leave her alone and Chloe didn't exactly tell him to go away and had the audacity to marry Lucas and promised to be faithful when Kate knew Chloe probably wouldn't. Kate hoped because Chloe is what Lucas wanted.

Then to know that Daniel did not respect Lucas, but was trying to steal Chloe from Lucas and didn't care if Lucas got hurt (and fell off the wagon). That was strike 2. Don't mess with Kate's kids.

The fact that Chloe has been lying to Lucas, married Lucas, and is still having little rendevous with Daniel who is also still ignoring Kate's warnings and going after Chloe and Kate keeps catching Daniel and Chloe in the middle of more than just friendship. That is strike 3.

So, (1) Kill Chloe and get her out of Lucas' life before Chloe destroys Lucas. Better Lucas be a widower than be hurt by Chloe until it destroys Lucas, and (2) Destroy Daniel's career and freedom and how he has hurt so many women including Kate and Chelsea. Put him in a nice closed prison for life if she can swing it or maybe death row.

Little Grace was lucky she was an infant and immune to Daniel's version of BlackWidow.

All in my own humble opinion, of course. :wave:
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