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She raises hell as Melanie on Days of Our Lives but Molly Burnett is finding Jesus on True Blood. The 21-year-old actress appears on the HBO hit June 21 as Amanda Jane, lead singer of the all-girl Christian band Amanda Jane and the God Rockets. They’ll perform at the Light of Day Institute, the anti-vampire church camp that has attracted superstud Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten). Atlantic Records is so high on Burnett’s big tune from the episode, “Jesus Asked Me Out Today,” that it’s been added as a bonus track to the season 1 soundtrack True Blood: Music From the HBO Original Series and is now available through iTunes. We talked to Burnett about her heavenly guest stint.

True Blood couldn’t be hotter—and cooler—so kudos on the gig! Are you a fan?
Before I did the role I didn’t have HBO—which has obviously changed now—so I didn’t know the show. Prior to the audition I went online to watch an episode. I just selected one at random and it was the one where this crazed naked vampire [Liam, played by Graham Shiels] is having sex with a woman who’s all tied up, and I was like, “Oh, my God! What kind of show am I auditioning for?” But my best friend, who watches True Blood, said, “It’s OK, Molly. Relax. It’s not all like that.”

So I take it you won’t be having sex with a bloodsucker?
I wish! I so wanted to get killed and grow fangs. But no such luck. Hey, maybe in Season 3!

What’s the scoop on Amanda Jane?
She’s not your stereotypical Christian singer. She’s very sexy in a Britney Spears sort of way. She’d be considered a little controversial, not very appropriate for Christian music, I guess, but there she is dancing and rockin’ out and singing about Jesus, so it’s kinda funny. She’s the little do-gooder who passes out Honesty rings.

Like everyone else, is your big fantasy to be a rock star?
Totally. We shot like a million takes of “Jesus Asked Me Out Today” and the other actors had to pretend I was this big sensation and cheer like crazy. OK, so it wasn’t exactly real but it was like being a rock star for a day. It’s still my big fantasy.

You had to sing the song at your audition?
They gave me the lyrics but not the music they were going to use so I had to make up a tune to go with it, which I guess should have been a little scary but I had to run to the audition and then quickly get my butt over to shoot Days. I just made up a little ditty and did it. I’ve never written a song before in my life. I didn’t have time to get nervous. I didn’t have time to even breath much less think about it. If I’d only known how cool True Blood is, I would have freaked out!

Source: TV Guide Online
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