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You should not blame EJ for his actions/reactions at the funeral home. He had just found out the woman he loved, not only had his child, but hid her from him, let another man adopt her and then could not even give him one single moment with her before she died. I'd be pretty peeved myself and would certainly lash out at the perpetrator of this crime. (yes folks, what she did was illegal in all 50 states).

It doesn't mean he really believes she killed Grace (she's a bad mother, should rot in hell, blah blah blah), but just as Sami was extremely cruel when telling him why she never told him about Grace, he was just as cruel in his questioning of how Grace died and Sami's role as her parent. He also knows that what would hurt her the most, as he is hurting now, is to challenge her parenting abilities - as we all know, Sami prides herself as being a loving mother who would do anything for her kids.

Funny thing is, when Sami came out of WP, she thanked EJ for taking such good care of Johnny and saying what a great father he was/is but that she hid Grace's existence because she didn't want Grace to know how awful her father was/is.

He will in time realize why she did what she did and hopefully he will hold his father somewhat accountable, certainly regarding his role in what happened to the Mayor and how that led to Sami going into WP.

He does seem to be very hung up on the lie/lying/betrayal aspect of this situation, so I'm curious as to how he will feel after Nicole's lies and betrayals are revealed. And to see what will happen when EJ and Sami both know they have another child together that is still alive.
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