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Jun 15 2009, 03:12 AM
Jun 14 2009, 09:59 PM
EJ's timing is wrong for what he's doing, but any of us would do the same thing in his situation. I know that I wouldn't want my ex's new squeeze adopt my children. So yes, after what Sami did to EJ, he has every right to want his son all to himself. There is nohing mean or evil about it, it's common sense.
It's also human nature. Whether you like EJ or not, you cannot argue that if you were in his shoes you wouldn't do the same thing. His timing is wrong, no one's arguing about that, but emotions are running high here. He found out that he had a daughter AFTER she died. He wants to punish the woman who kept him from knowing and loving and saying goodbye to his child. It's not mean or evil, it's human.
Exactly! Exactly! Exactly! :applause:

Sami was WRONG to keep EJ from knowing he had a child. She was wrong on every level.

If EJ is so EVIL, why did she have sex with him in the first place?

If he is so bad, why didn't she fight him for full custody of Johnny? Why did she thank him for taking such GOOD care of Johnny while she was in WP?

She knew Grace was going not going to make it, but SHE was so selfish that she couldn't let EJ have 5 minutes with his kid before she dies? How KIND of her.

Why even bother telling him then after Grace dies, to hurt him? YES! That's exactly why she told him after.

How NICE of her. What a GOOD person she is. What a SAINT.

She, who should judge NO ONE, NOT EVER, considering her past.
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