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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

^ Another great post, Michelle!

I completely agree - both EJ and Sami are getting a pass from me for the reactions in the heat of the moment. Granted - depending on how long the writers drag it out things could get out of hand and I might feel differently as things play out, but for now, I truly can sympathize with both of them. And as for EJ putting his hands on Sami at the funeral home, I saw that as him holding her hands to prevent her from continuing to pummel him. I have no problem with that - I see no reason that he should stand there and let her pound away. I did find it interesting that Rafe waited so long to intercede, though. I had pretty much forgotten he was in the room until he finally stepped up - much like EJ and Sami apparently had.

If there is one primary point the writers have driven home repeatedly since Sami returned from WP it is that EJami both hold each other in very high regard as parents. Sami has mentioned to EJ and to Rafe what a great father EJ is. EJ has told Sami on more than one occasion that he views her as the best mother he's ever known. So the hurtful words they are hurling at each other at the moment are just that - it's not what they feel in their heart, but the pain of what they are experiencing is driving them to strike out and hurt one another in the most obvious place. This too shall pass. :)

But I will say...when EJ was asking Sami if he hadn't been a good father to Johnny, the way his voice broke and the pain in his eyes was heart wrenching. :'(
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