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Jun 12 2009, 01:15 AM
I really feel that they are slowly removing Rafe from Sami's story. There is too much that has yet to happen w/ the Sydney reveal, it would be nonsensical to start up a triangle w/ these three at the same time. If I were a betting woman, I would say that Safe are over 2, 3 months max if that.
Respectfully disagree ...not that it will matter.

The Nail has been pounded into the coffin that was once called 'Ejami'. Sami has done the unforgivable, and while EJ may have a type of love for her, His hatred, and desire for revenge will be stronger. I dont see them as a "love Triangle" If they do have one it will be more like the John/Marlena/Stephano .. story. One of obsession and revenge, and also the need to protect and undying love.
I believe Rafe will be at the heart of the Sydney reveal, and in turn Sami's hero... and again, EJ's bitter enemy.
And Safe are winning Hottest couple 4 weeks straight in SOD and getting great reviews for the most part (Aside from Ejami's and a few Lumi's ofcourse) So I dont think they are getting rid of them anytime soon.
Love or hate them I think they are on the way to being a supercouple

I agree they are the long term planned couple,there are so many things they can do with them in the future, and lots of stories to tell.. and clearly, some may hate him/them, but not all find them boring 'some' do, though I have no doubt we will see angst and seperation and struggle down the line.
But.. as in all good stories love will prevail.
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