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Jun 16 2009, 02:49 AM
Any Idea why all these different Names in regards to Rafe ?
I recall Rafe saying something to Arianna like " This has nothing to do with Heidi"
Now we are hearing the names of 'Meradith, and Emily' .. So who is Heidi? or did they just change a name hoping we missed it? ... All these names are confusing.
Tae, there is no Heidi. Closed captioning is wrong at times. Just by using the context of the conversation, you can figure that the word is hiding and not a person's name. Rafe and Arianna were talking about hiding from his past. Here is the transcript of that conversation ....

Arianna: Okay, well, at least I'm not taking on a ready-made family to hide from the past.

Rafe: Oh, yeah. It's back on me now, isn't it?

Arianna: Well, that's what you're doing, right, Rafe? Admit it. (The 'it" is hiding from the past).

Rafe: My relationship with Sami and her kids, for that matter, has nothing to do with hiding. (not Heidi) It's good, and it's real, and it's honest.

This excerpt was taken from the TVMegasite transcrips.
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