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Jun 14 2009, 05:04 PM
Jun 14 2009, 05:02 PM
EJ doesn't realize he is in for the fight of his life. LOL! I hope they bring the true samantha brady back. She is not scared of anyone. I remember when she attacked him when he was on the phone. LOL! He was trying to get ahold of owen. Ej thinks he is going to take Johnnny away from her but it wont be that easy. I just wonder how nicole will help sammi. And from the spoilers I think stephanie is going to help her too. This s/l is getting really good.
That's why EJ and Sami are so perfectly matched for each other. They both give it their all, they don't back down and they are willing to play dirty. Can you say the same for Lucas or Rafe? Ejami are scrappy!
Really? Because so far, everytime EJ has pulled this exact same thing, Sami has let him do it and hasn't fought him at all.

I thought the same thing. Sami has always cowtowed to the Dimeras. That's one of the reasons the Vedetta storyline was so horrible. Everyone wanted Sami to fight, but she just was too weak and pitiful do that.

And on the point of "Can you say the same for Lucas or Rafe?"... Uh, yeah we can. Fans saw Lucas and Sami go at it for about half a decade before being forced into a truce.

What irritates me about EJ and Sami is that EJ, as a grown man, is doing all the things that Sami as a freaking teenager did. When Sami and Lucas were about to go after each other over Allie, they realized how it screwed up Will and backed down. That's called growth.

EJ isn't perfect for this Sami. He may be just fine for the 16-year-old Sami that saw John sleep with her mother and vowed revenge.

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