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I'm not too surprised since this regime (including Higley, who I feel has no power anymore but still) loves the Kiriakis family and Tomlin loves his rich and powerful families so expanding the Kiriakis families and maybe bringing the Alamain's back is right up his alley. To me, that plays into the Carly return too. This is good news for Victor with both Carly and Justin returning.

I'm glad Days is doing this because it gives characters like Bo, Hope, Victor, etc more people to interact with. Maybe they can even try something with Justin and Kate. However, I think Justin may end up being for Carly. They have a history (as Drew noted) and I think they can tap into some Carly/Victor history by involving her with him. I just can't bring myself to believe they will bring back Lawrence (although all these current casting announcements makes it more likely). I don't doubt them bringing back Judi Evans since she is so loved, especially by Corday. However, Corday does not seem to be calling the shots right now so my feeling is that Justin will be returning alone and that he and Adrienne will have split. Plus, Adrienne returning will expose the Steve and Kayla void once again so I don't think they want to go there. That is why I think you see them bringing characters like Justin and Carly back and not characters like Steve and Kayla. It's the same reasons why they bring on newly created Horton's instead of known ones. It's easier and there is less history to play with. You can essentially mold them into the current canvas.

I do wish they would bring back more Horton's though and by that I mean known Horton's. I also wish they would bring more women on because this show has way too many men now. I realize Justin is in an age bracket that may be in need of a male actor so I can understand this move but Days has far too many men in their late 20's and 30's. I also wish they would at least bring back Steve and/or Kayla for appearances at least. If they can bring back Justin and Carly, they can at least do that. I can see MBE being ok with being a recurring player, at the very least.

I don't expect a Jack and/or Jennifer return because I don't see Tomlin being interested in them. He likes sophisticated, glamorous types. I still recall an interview he did while on Sunset Beach where he mentioned how his favorite types of characters were many from rich and powerful families on soaps and he cited his love for the Richards family on Sunset Beach. So characters like Justin and Carly fit that bill.

I also think this has to mean someone is going to be axed. I bet one or two people from the Lucas/Chloe/Daniel story will be gone. I know Tomlin loves Nadia and Shawn so Nadia would have to leave on her own and Corday would have to intervene and force a happy ending on Chloe and Daniel if one or both are to leave. Therefore, I can see Bryan Dattilo being axed and MAYBE Josh Taylor since Corday seems out of the mix right now. I believe there are alot of contracts up this summer so we could see some big moves.
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