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Jun 16 2009, 01:06 PM
Wow! I like him. This is making the budget problems seem like bulllshit though. Crystal and Wally can't be that cheap to get.
Well, Crystal worked for GL so she is used to budget cuts and reduced salaries. Plus, her desire to move back to LA is at play too. I'm sure the cost was not that bad. As for Wally, he's been out of work for awhile and even before that GH basically had him on recurring so I doubt he is commanding a huge salary.

Days is in much better financial shape now. It's doing better in the ratings. It made cuts where it had to. I'm sure they are bringing back people who are willing to accept a certain type of salary only.

Also, I want to touch on brimike's point about Corday's "15 years" comment back in 2007. I believe that was just him frustrated that Steve and Kayla did nothing for the numbers. It still pisses me off because it was an obvious jab at them and it's all the show's fault for botching their return in the first place. Having said that, that comment came on the heels of bringing Judi Evans back as Adrienne (which I guess can be excused as him wanting to bring one of his buddies back on the show) so I knew not to take that seriously. It seemed more out of anger. Besides, he clearly is not interfering or in control right now. Tomlin is making all the calls and the show seems to following a long-term plan now and has been since December. This is the most consistent the show has been in years.
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