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Please link to DR.

This week's SOD features short interviews with Ali Sweeney and Shelley Hennig.

EJ wants custody of Johnny and serves Sami with custody papers at Grace's funeral. Will overhears and asks EJ if he can come visit Johnny. Ali Sweeney explains that Will tells Sami that she's a "terrible parent" and that he understands why EJ is doing this.

When Sami gets home, she puts Johnny's things together and gives Johnny to EJ, but as SOD says, she wants to "prove that EJ is evil". She goes to see Stephanie and Philip, and she asks them to publically reveal what part EJ played in Steph's kidnapping. Shelley Hennig says that the only way for Steph to do this would be to say that Owen worked for the DiMeras. However, as Hennig explains, "Stephanie already said she'd lie about Owen. She feels horrible that Sami wants her help and she's already told Philip that she'd lie."

Sami considers running away with the kids, but Rafe tells her not to. Sweeney says that "the only thing that keeps [Sami] going is Johnny, Allie and Will, even though he hates her." Sweeney continues that Sami and Rafe "are just trying to find a way to stay together and rely on each other."

SOD concludes that Sami does get help, but from Nicole...

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