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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: Sami loses Johnny
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Jun 17 2009, 11:11 AM
This is a prime example of why I can no longer stand the character of Sami Brady. She's a total hypocrite who has no problem dishing it out, but can't take it out, and she acts all deer-in-the-headlights and indignant when doing something stupid comes back to bite her in the ass.

Every fuckin non-DiMera is cheering her on! Oh Sami, we TOTALLY understand why you should lie to your kid's father because he's a disgusting DiMera. It's really laughable if it didnt bug me.

Now tell me again why EJ was in custody for the kidnapping and Vic/Phil wasnt for Steffys? And Rafe, hmmm, didnt he FORGE documents pertaining to Grace? HMMMM.....but that's all OK because said crimes were perpetrated by Bradys or FOB (friends of Bradys) against "evil" DiMeras??!!

This is why the e-crappy non-couple pairing is the biggest pile of shit in DAYS history!

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