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Jun 17 2009, 11:31 AM
I'm not as upset about the Will/EJ thing because I don't see it as him taking EJ's side. First off, he says that Sami is a terrible parent and he can see why EJ would do this. That has nothing to do with him hating EJ or not. It's more about his anger for Sami and him feeling she is getting what she deserves for lying and scheming again, especially about this because it is believed EJ is really Grace's father and she just died before she told EJ. If you think about it, Will's been a victim of her lies before and seen others, including his father, be victims, so I think that in a way helps him relate to EJ, regardless of whatever happened in the past. I mean, Will may see this as similar to how his mother lied about his paternity for years only it's much worse with her waiting until after Grace died to tell EJ.

The blurb about asking EJ if he can visit Johnny is logical IMO. He knows EJ is going to get custody, knowing who EJ is, so he just wants to be sure he can actually see his brother. Again, that has nothing to do with EJ and Will's past issues.

Until Will moves in with EJ or starts hanging with him on a social level, I don't see a problem. Hell, I don't even see a problem if Will testifies on EJ's behalf at the custody heating because I know that is him just speaking out against Sami in anger. He feels she has to pay for yet another scheme. He is Sami's son, afterall, so it makes senses for him to react in this way.

Even if we take out everything I just explained, Will is also a teenager and teens are always going to react more strongly to anything their parents or family did then someone outside of that. Plus, they can also be a bit more understanding and much more able to shrug things off because hey are young and could care less about certain things. I don't think that is the case with Will and EJ but I do want to point out that would make sense too if he just let alot of his anger toward EJ go as time went on.
Not to sound rude, but that is simply complete and utter B.S.!!!

If I haven't watch the character of Will grow up or seen the mess that was DOOL of 2006, 2007... I would by your explanation.

But being that I know much of the history, I once again say, B.S!

Heck, the only one I like in the entire storyline is Nicole. I just wish she was doing the stuff she was doing for fun instead of desperations. But on DOOL, every woman is desperate for something.
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