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Very good interview.

Love how she steered clear of the "who should Sami be with" question.

Big kudos to her on her comments about performing without makeup. Not very many actresses grasp that and that really makes a difference, even if it's minimal, in a performance. Big kudos to Ali on that.

I do think Sami has changed and since the WP story I've felt a combination of the Sami of the last few years and the "old" Sami so I'm happy. I love her and Galen together too and agree with her comments about them.I like that she reminded Gary of how Sami never cheats on men. So true. Her comments about the baby switch story were spot on too IMO. I love the story.

As for all the returns, I think her comments on that pertain to losing Drake and Dee and I can't blame her because when your just an actor and not on the business side or in the writer's room day after day, your left in the dark as much as viewers and alot of things become hard to understand, especially when it comes to people you love and naturally you would prefer they stay instead of them leaving and others returning in their place later on. It does sound like she is active in talking to Tomlin and the writers and so on but I don't see them offering up much info to her on comings and goings, why they do this and why they do that, etc. They probably just provide her with info she needs to play a certain scene right or something and that is the extent of it. I'm glad they brought up CC since I know Ali came on shortly before she was leaving so that was a good question.
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