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this is weird for me. on one hand, yes, they're whitewashing will's history with ej-- despite the good points phoenix made, he did leave town and go to switzerland mainly because of ej. so the idea that he would side with him in any way over his mom or anyone else, doesn't make sense to me.

on the other hand, however, ej isn't being whitewashed in any other way. we have characters like arianna and stephanie saying they would hide ej's baby from him, too. basically, every character apart from ej and stefano have all sided with sami and understood why she did what she did.

it's honestly like salem is stuck in the 1950's, and all the characters think the stork magically brought sami ej's baby. i hate to harp on this, but the fact that no one seems to give a rip that sami made this baby with ej willingly enough makes me angry.
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