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Jun 17 2009, 11:56 AM
As for all the returns, I think her comments on that pertain to losing Drake and Dee and I can't blame her because when your just an actor and not on the business side or in the writer's room day after day, your left in the dark as much as viewers and alot of things become hard to understand, especially when it comes to people you love and naturally you would prefer they stay instead of them leaving and others returning in their place later on.
You seem to be dismissing the fact that Ali is wondering how the show could bring back vets from 91 while firing the show's two lead actors, by saying that Ali is in the dark as to the behind-the-scenes plans for the show. I'd doubt Ali's as clueless as you think she is, and I credit her for bringing up that point. It is possible that those in the 'writer's room', as you put it, are not making a particularly intelligent decision with this hiring move. It's telling to me that those in the industry are wondering about this in the first place. I understand that you yourself seem to support this hiring decision, which is your prerogative. But I'd hesitate to say that because Ali is wondering about it, she's in the dark as to some greater plan. There really may be no greater plan at all.

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