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Jun 17 2009, 11:55 AM
I guess it is odd about Will because this week, we are seeing Will get angry about Sami LYING to him and not trusting him with Grace's paternity. He didn't seem to be angry at all about keeping paternity from EJ.

And we know that when Will left town for Carrie and Austin, he left because he was mad at Sami for breaking up his family and marrying EJ. He was totally pissed off about EJ ruining his family/mom and dad marriage, and Sami allowing it.

So Will's history is about hating EJ.
I am surprised that he isn't supporting his mom more. I know he is angry she lied, but given his past with EJ, he should have some understanding about her motivations.

Maybe Will will say something about keeping his paternity from Lucas and should have learned her lesson. That might help this all make sense. But just being mad because she lied...Will suspected that a long time ago. He shouldn't be surprised.

And I don't buy it is because he is a teen. Yes, he is, but this teen should be taking his mom on for having to watch Grace 90% of the time instead of macking on Mia.
I think Will is mostly focusing on himself, and how it affected him. At one point when she told him the truth, he said something like "Do you think I would've told anyone?" So, he might not be so much upset about her hiding Grace's paternity in general, just that she hid it from him.
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