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Jun 17 2009, 12:57 PM
Nicole Dimera
Jun 17 2009, 11:10 AM
More Bullshit. I swear to god Ejami is absolutely the worse written story ever on this show. There is no way Will would support EJ after what that man did to his mom and dad. I am so sick of these writers glossing over things like we are so dumb that we can't see how stupid it really is. I'm sorry but Will was there thru all the drama with EJ/Sami/Lucas there is no way that boy would side with EJ. So excuse me while I laugh at the ridiculousness of this story. EJ is not a role model himself at one point he threatened Will's life to convince Sami to marry him and i'm sure Will knows all the horrible things EJ did to his family so stop with the bullshit. I hate stuff like that. They need to quit doing that and that's what they've been doing for awhile in this story basically trying to ignore what's been written previously. That just gets on my nerves.
Oh good grief. Some people can never miss a chance to bash Ejami even when something doesn't even have to do about them. Will saying what he says doesn't sound to me like it even has to do with EJ or EJami. He's a pissed off teen finding a way to get back at his mother from keeping a blood sibling from him, or so he thinks, and so he wants to spend time with another one of his blood siblings even after this custody change. I don't see how Will reacts as necessarily ignoring history either given that this situation would likely dredge up all sorts of feelings Will's never fully dealt with regarding his parents custody battle over him and how turbulent his life was as a kid largely due to Sami's first lie to him that Austin was his father and all the craziness that resulted from that. And even if Will knew that EJ hinted at doing something to him to get Sami to marry him, which I'm not certain that she does since Sami kind of has a thing for keeping Will in the dark, Sami willingly slept with the guy six months later so what does that say to Will about his mother to make him like or understand HER any more? Will going to the DiMansion to see Johnny is probably just some contrived plot point anyway have Will (and Mia possibly) go there and find something out that advances the baby switch story or at the very least puts Nicole on edge worried about Will finding something out.
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