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Jun 17 2009, 01:11 PM
Jun 17 2009, 12:57 PM
Will going to the DiMansion to see Johnny is probably just some contrived plot point anyway have Will (and Mia possibly) go there and find something out that advances the baby switch story or at the very least puts Nicole on edge worried about Will finding something out.
ding ding ding. we have a winner. i hate these stinking plot points. they keep getting in the way of what could be good drama on this show. : )
No shit. I don't want to have to imagine or fanwank or guess at how and why Will is suddenly reasonably ok with EJ. I don't care if this is primarily about him being pissed at Sami, he still should not ever be ok with EJ. It's so fucking stupid of them to bring up Lucas shooting EJ with Will and simultaneously have Will acting like being around EJ is no big deal. Will not even asking how or why it was his mother voluntarily slept with the man who last he heard before he left town raped her was just further proof it's yet another retcon or whitewash and we're all supposed to just accept it. What I don't get is there's so much good potential drama there that they totally ignore and for what? Why? And why should I have to make up conversations in my head about Will learning about EJami's one time together and him having some reaction to it and eventually dealing with his feelings, to get to where we are now? It's so moronic.
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