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I don't have a problem with Will agreeing that Johnny should be with EJ and not Sami. He hates Sami right now for what she did, for lying to him again. Will is the son of Lucas and Sami. Fans have been pleading for the writers to finally show this, and this is a great way of doing it. Will is going to hurt Sami the only way he knows how to and that's by siding with EJ. It's something Sami would've done to Marlena, and Lucas would've done to Kate, back when they were actually being written as who they are and not these pods they are today. The only thing that would make this angle better is if Will does, in fact, testifty against Sami at the custody hearing. That would really be karma for Sami for the hell she put John, Marlena and Roman through when she was younger.

I like Sami going to Philip and Stephanie for help and being denied. I really hope they show Sami getting angry at Stephaie and Philip and vowing that they'll regret not helping her. That's what Sami would do. She goes to family for help, but when they refuse to help her, she expresses her hatred for them and vows to get even with them at a later time. I would love to see Sami going up against Philip and Stephanie. I want to see Sami calling Stephanie a traitor and turning her back on her family. That would be awesome!

I'm going to love Sami going to Nicole for help. SOLE reunion, maybe?

The only part that makes me cringe in this interview is when Sweeney discusses how Rafe and Sami are going to find a way to stay together and get through this. Worry about getting your damn child, Sami, not some idiot!
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