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Jun 17 2009, 09:33 AM
The thing that's frustrating me about this thread is the total lack of hard data. Everybody's just guessing because nobody has a clue about how much the vets actually made, how much the newbies will make, how much the show will save not paying JER's estate (and are they still paying Sheffer too?), or even what the show's budget is, right? I mean, are there hard numbers out there somewhere?

Hogan went FiCore during the 2008 strike right before he was fired....now its been so long i can't remember, but does that make it that after the FiCore writer is fired you don't have to pay them like you would a WGA Writer?

But at the same time, JER went FiCore and they still had to pay him...then again, THAT had to be one contract that I'm sure Hogan or no other writer in Days HISTORY has ever gotten. Its been confirmed by many many reliable sources that JER had a 6 year contract, and that it was very high paying...I mean, the man died and they still have to pay him, so who really knows about whether they are still paying Hogan.

His contract would probably be over now anyway, though, or just ending....usually, writers only get 2-4 year contracts, right? Not sure on that though.
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