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Jun 17 2009, 01:31 PM
I guess what I'm still getting at is, what does "very high paying" mean in this context? Half a million a year? A million a year? I mean, I literally haven't the slightest clue what soap head writers make, which is why it makes it very hard to figure how much effect JER's ending contract would have. I'm still puzzled at how a contract for personal services couldn't terminate on the writer's death; I'd like to see that contract. Or, why didn't Corday try to buy it out? I guess maybe he did and we don't know.

I will say that this discussion is more interesting to me than any storyline involving Danloe/Lucas, Melanie, Will and Mia, or Stephanie (as currently written), so there's that.
How much exactly? I'm not sure, everything I've read for years is always that its huge...back when Hogan was still with the show, I also read a few times that he cost alot too, but I think his contract would be expired by now either way.

Was JER paid more than Drake/Deidre? Honestly, I don't know about THAT...but I would say maybe just a little less or around the same? Oh, I don't know an exact number, its always just been said that it was a very hefty paycheck...and I think its because NBC loved him and probably forced Corday's hand, which is why he got such a long, expensive(apparently), even-have-to-pay-after-death contract.
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