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Rafe starts sensing that something's amiss when Nicole and her connection to Mia this week. Galen Gering explains.

SOW: What sets Rafe off?
GG: It started at the hospital, when Nicole found out Grace was sick. She was always there and really upset.

SOW:Then Rafe Meets Nicole at Grace's grave. That's odd, too.
GG: Yeah. Rafe finds her grieving for Grace. He hears her say something interesting. "I would do anything I could to bring you back." Rafe confronts Nicole and asks why Grace meant so much to her. He says to her that Grace wasn't her daughter or related to her at all.

SOW: Does Nicole seem uptight?
GG:Of course and that raises a little bit of suspicion to Rafe.

SOW: Later, Rafe comes across Mia with Brady, right?
GG:Rafe seems them together and asks how they know each other. Mia says that they met at an addicts' meeting. Rafe asks her questions about the meetings, but Mia says she's not comfortable talking about it and freaks out a little. Rafe finally asks her "What are you guys trying to hide?"

SOW: Later, Rafe ends up heading to the DiMera mansion to talk to Nicole?
GG:Rafe wants to tell Nicole he's sorry for being suspicious about her mourning Grace. He realizes that she legitimately feels badly for Sami and he wonders if she can help with the custody case with Johnny. Nicole says that she can't, EJ has made up his mind. But, Rafe asks her to think about it.

SOW: Eventually, Rafe ends up asking about Mia.
GG: Rafe tells Nicole he ran into someone she knows. He knows that Mia was in rehab and at the teen center where Nicole supposedly volunteered. Rafe says he's not sure Mia is who she says she is. Nicole won't tell him anything about her and says it is none of Rafe's business.

SOW:Are Rafe's suspicions piqued even more?
GG:Yeah. He wants to get some answers, after everything that has happened. Maybe he'll feel better in the wake of losing Grace.

SOW:Do his FBI instincts hint something is just not right?
GG:That is part of it, but its also the way Nicole, Mia, and Brady are acting. He knows something weird is going on and he wants to find out what it is.
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