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After all... tomorrow is another day!

This sounds like such a lame way to explain how this mystery is unraveled.

If they were going to put Rafe in everybody's business this way why didn't they just go ahead and add him to the Salem police force rather than give him that stupid construction job for a day?


Thinking about it a little more I think it's just after seeing GG play a character like Luis for a decade who was lucky if the writers gave him a second brain cell so he could rub the two of them together every once in a while to almost figure out what Beth or whoever was keeping from him I just CANNOT ACCEPT the idea that this Rafe guy is actually smarter and better at putting everything together than someone like EJ DiMera or Sami Brady who are usually WAYYYYYYYYYY smarter and shady enough themselves to have a healthy suspicion of others that allows them to catch on to things like this.

Then again, Ethan was also written dumb as dirt and I would have no problem believing that EM's Brady or even young Will would be the only one smart enough to figure this out. Hmmmm...
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