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Father’s Day with Galen Gering
June 16, 05:28 PM

I recently had the pleasure of attending the "Days of our Lives" day at Dodger stadium, where Eric Marsolf sang the National Anthem flawlessly and Nadia Bjorlin sang "Gold Bless America" to perfection for the crowd. It was a great way to bond with the cast over Dodger Dogs, peanuts, and laughs.

Galen brought one of his sons, Dillon, as well. The father and son were adorable as they watched the game together. Galen would point out different players, and you could tell the game meant something special for Dillon. With that introduction, I hope you enjoy my Father’s Day interview with Galen, and enjoy the very dry sense of humor that can only make you love him even more. Not to mention, how adorable is the photo below of Galen, with Dillon and Jensen? You can just tell how much Galen enjoys fatherhood.

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Any Father’s Day traditions that run in your house?
None as of yet, but that's a good idea. Maybe, when they're a little older, I can turn the tables and make them my slaves for the day.

What is the best fatherhood advice you have received, and who gave it to you?
Set them up for success, not failure. In other words, don't give your two year old a full glass of orange juice and expect him not to spill it. My wife, Jenna, told me that one. Also, I like to give them choices whenever I can. That's hers, as well.

How has being a father changed your perspective on life?
I've found that the clichés are true in that the love you have for your kids is like nothing else. Additionally, I don't think I do as many crazy things as I used to. It's cool for kids to have a father.

What traits do your sons get from you?
Hopefully, only the good ones; not exactly sure which ones those are...

Do your sons hang out with any of the other actors' children during your off time?
We try to limit their exposure to actors and their kids, as they are usually an arrogant bunch of pompous ninnies. No, but seriously, we don't see them often, 'cause we live on the rich side of town. Ha- I'm kidding.

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